Monday, March 5, 2012

that uni lifestyle

Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle is going back to school this week - and she's dreaming of a wardrobe full of Forte Forte shirts (new in store at The Corner Shop Strand Arcade and Belinda Double Bay now) as well as days free to spend drinking coffee at cafes. Read her latest post below:

one. Forte Forte shirt, $225, two. Forte Forte skirt, $245, three. Forte Forte look book, four. Forte Forte sweater, $345, five. Forte Forte blazer, $495, six. Benah brushed gold cuffs (x2), $80 each, seven. RUSSH, $9.95, eight. detail from RUSSH, nine. Forte Forte trousers, $345, ten-twelve. Alimentari on William St in Paddington.

All photos by Hannah-Rose Yee

Uni starts again this week – and so life goes back to that crazy, stress-inducing mélange of lectures, tutes and assessments mixed in with a healthy dash of study on the side. Sitting in the library. Running around campus. All-nighters. But you have to take the bad with the good, right? Co-existing harmoniously with the rigors of tertiary study is that glorious thing called the university lifestyle. Think: starting the day at 11 in the morning, sitting in cafes reading books all afternoon and swanning around campus in comfy, “getting things done” clothing.

Forte Forte is one of those great labels that manages to combine with relative, seamless ease being casual and simple as well as fashion forward. Their new collection, in store at The Corner Shop Strand Arcade and Belinda Double Bay now is a dream – all pastel colours with a few brights (forest green and a rusty orange) thrown in for good measure – of perfect shirts, drawstring pants and satin-collared blazers. These are the types of clothes that would make any day at uni a breeze, sitting through an hour of English lectures would be nothing if you were wearing a little flippy canvas skirt, who wouldn’t want to go to the library in a cotton shirt the colour of fairy-floss with the sleeves rolled up and the ends flying loose?

One of my favourite places in the world is Alimentari, a Paddington deli and café at the bottom of William St in Paddington – beloved of the girls at The Corner Shop and Belinda a mere hop, skip and jump away – and a great place to bunker down and do some work during semester. There’s a little section out the back where no-one will disturb you, and you can take your coffee and pastry (ricotta filled cannoli is my weapon of choice!) and sit there, doing your readings or working your way through Kim Scott’s Dead Man Dance as I am currently doing. What’s so bad about university, after all?

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  1. This makes me want to go to uni. Ah to sit and read and eat cannoli with valid reason...too good