Monday, January 16, 2012

Wild at heart

Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle falls in love with leopard print as she previews the 3.1 Phillip Lim Resort collection, in-store at the Strand Arcade and Belinda Double Bay now!

 all photos by Hannah-Rose Yee

Why is it that all fashion stories have the same titles? If it's a story about trenches it'll be called "in the trenches" or "trench warfare", if it's a story about new swedish designers you can bet it'll be titled "stockholm syndrome" and something about tee-shirts will be named either "to a tee" or "tee party" or something of such sort. I'm kind of guilty or re-using the same of fashion puns too, which is why I had to title this post "Wild at heart". In the new 3.1 Phillip Lim resort which has just arrived at The Corner Shop Strand Arcade there is one spectacular all-leopard all-the-time look which consists of slouchy pants, a zip-top shirt and a contrast lapel jacket, louche and languid and totally ridiculous, but also kind of awesome at the same time. Each piece separately would bring a touch of urban jungle to any look but all together? Now that's just wild.

There's something about leopard print. Objectively I like it. I like it in the way that French women often wear it - a piece at a time, a pair of vampy come-hither shoes, a suede bag, the perfect tailored coat. I like traditional leopard print, that rich caramel-yellow and black mixed all together in a fabric that signals both extragance and elegance at the same time. I like it objectively but I've never actually been able to wear it. There was a dalliance with one leopard print coat eons ago and a pair of leopard print ballet flats that have since been mislaid, and that's about it. Maybe I haven't quite been game enough to do it, to wear such a bold, look-at-me kind of print. Or maybe I just haven't found the right pieces.

But how about some silky pyjama pants with deep pockets and cuffs you can turn up? How great would they be with a tangerine shirt and grey tee shirt, that blue-tinged print the perfect counter point to classic simplicity? How great would a shirt be, front un-zipped and lapels folded over with a pair of jeans and strappy k.jacques sandals? And that jacket, oh! that jacket! Over a white tee shirt and a long black skirt, resting on your shoulders a la Alexa Chung and similar cool girls of her ilk. And all together? All together it works, so wrong it's right, and so cool it's almost insane, and it might just make you look like Sofia Coppola, which can only be a good thing, right?

Maybe it's time to get some more leopard print in my wardrobe...

look one

White singlet, $195, Beaded orange pants, $895 and orange and white sandals, $395 (worn throughout)

look two

Leopard print jacket, $795, Leopard print shirt, $445, Leopard print pants, $495

look three

Orange shirt, $395, Grey tee shirt, $175, Leopard print pants, $495

look four

 Brown cardigan, $545, Black silk tee-shirt dress (also available in orange), $575, orange belt, $195


  1. the beaded orange pants are amazing!

    Best from your newest follower,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  2. i love the pants:) you look adorable!