Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My local Corner Shop

It's no secret that we love Australian bloggers and one of our favourites is Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle. We've loved her blog since 2010! We're very excited to announce that she will be guest editing here at The Corner Shop blog during 2012. We can't wait to see her posts, can you? In her first post she introduces her local Corner Shop on William Street, Paddington. Check it out below...

photos: Hannah-Rose Yee

At my local Corner Shop you can't get bread, or milk, or the newspaper. But that's okay, because instead there's RUSSH magazines fresh from the press, racks full of oversized Isabel Marant trenches and drapey Helmut Lang dresses and silk hand-knitted Amy Kaehne sweaters in lush forest green or milky beige. My local Corner Shop is nestled on the corner of a sleepy residential street and a hip shopping district in my neighbourhood of Paddington, part poky apartment filled with tchotchkes and fairy lights, part incredible fashion emporium with one of the best ranges of international and local labels in Sydney. I love my local Corner Shop, and popping in on my way home from uni or on a lazy sunday afternoon is one of my favourite things to do. I'm so excited to be a guest editor for the Corner Shop blog this year. It's going to give me a fantastic reason to keep checking in all the time...


  1. I've been to Sydney recently and I have to admit that I found your shop sweet and tasty, I won't surely miss the Autumn collection - moving there in March- so excited!

  2. Just gorgeous. Looking forward to reading more from Hannah!

    A x

  3. Lucky you Hannah! Do you need an assistant!? ;)