Monday, January 23, 2012

Longing to stray

Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle is heading to New York this week - and not a moment too soon! She shares that New York love with us, focussing on some classic New York labels, including Helmut Lang, Current/Elliot and Theysken's Theory, in store at The Corner Shop Paddington and Strand Arcade, Belinda Paddington and Double Bay.

all photos: Hannah-Rose Yee

There's no city in the world quite like New York. Nowhere else has that same blend of energetic magnetism, of ambitions, of hopes and dreams, of high and low. When I first went there to go to school I remember having a complete culture shock - what is this place, how does it work, how do I fit in? It was scary, and not just because the buildings were so big and the crowds so populous. It was scary because it was so unlike anywhere else I had ever been, and especially so unlike Sydney, which is the only place I've ever known. 

But, after a while, after countless morning bagels and late night pizzas and jam-packed subway rides I got used to it. I was lucky enough to be living in one of the friendliest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, all brownstones and communal gardens and cosy cafes. It reminded me of Paddington - my home - and soon after I discovered Bird, which is kind of like The Corner Shop of New York, and everything seemed alright. I slipped into an easy and comfortable routine of chai teas and homework with my friend at our favourite cafe on the corner of her street and late night walks to the Brooklyn promenade and back till our cheeks got red. 

Today I'm going back, and I can't wait! I can't wait to be back in New York and in the thick of it, seeing people and places and things. It took me a couple of visits before I felt that New York magic, but the last time I was there I really fell in love. There was one day - one glorious day - when it snowed and snowed and snowed, and I remember being so happy I thought I would explode. My friend and I ran around the empty streets, chasing snowflakes, stopping only to warm ourselves over a bowl of soup and a toasted sandwich (what a typical New York lunch!). I hope it snows again when I'm there this time! 

To share some of that New York love I got my trusty model Katrina to model some of the great New York based labels that are in store at The Corner Shop now. One of them is 3.1 Phillip Lim, which I've already obsessed over here. Another is Theysken's Theory, the return-to-the-fold of ex-Nina Ricci and Rochas designer Olivier Theyskens, whom I've always loved, and whose dark aesthetic and urban glamour is without equal. Aside from that there are Helmut Lang and Current/Elliot, both so cool it hurts, and both typical of that model-off-duty look that another New York label, Alexander Wang, has made so famous. My personal style doesn't really swing towards leather leggings and white tee shirts, but, you know, when in Rome...

look one

Helmut Lang blazer, $675

look two 

Helmut Lang singlet, $345, Current/Elliot jeans, $325, T by Alexander Wang bra, $70 (on sale!)

 look three

Helmut Lang blazer with leather collar, $845, Isabel Marant tee (technically not New York, but, you know, I just love Isabel!), $195, Current/Elliot jeans, $325


  1. Who are the first pants? In love. x

  2. Hi Rachel!
    They are Helmut Lang, ps.. we are in love with your blog!