Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear lovers

Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle is feeling the love at The Corner Shop this year.  Here's why:

There are fewer things in this world greater than love. So why not celebrate it? Why not celebrate that feeling of honeyed-goodness that washes over you when you’re so happy because of love – because of people you love and people who love you? Valentine’s Day gets a bit of a bad rap because of it’s nature as an elitist, polarizing kind of holiday, but in truth it’s not about whether or not you’re in a relationship at all. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating happiness in its basest, sunniest, most golden forms. 

On Sahra R-L: Jordan Askill single heart rings (2), $195, Mania Mania triple ring, was $150 now $105, Jordan Askill triple star ring, $325, Jordan Askill single star ring, $225

Golden like Jordan Askill rings – a heart for a heart and a star for a star, at The Corner Shop Paddington and Strand Arcade now. These rings are the ultimate in delicate jewellery, the one trend-driven piece that still warms my heart. The fact that so many people have it means that so many people are loved, which can only be a good thing, right? I think it would be the height of romance to receive this on Valentine’s Day – whether as a gift from a loved one or a treat from yourself to remind you of what’s important. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with the LOVE art installations at The Corner Shop Paddington and Strand Arcade. The Corner Shop asked some of their favourite artists - Genevra Meldrum, Greta Edmondson, Kate Davis and Hugo Muecke - to meditate on what love means to them. They have filled the windows and interiors of both of the Corner Shops with everything love related. I only wish I was in Sydney to see it - hopefully by the time I return from New York they'll still be around. I want to feel the love.


  1. love the rings - but i love the manicure even more! are they gel nails? if so which brand and colour? thank you!

  2. Why thank you anon! Its Shellac big addiction!

  3. thank you! is big addiction the colour name? I've googled it but can't find it if you happen to have a link to it? thanks again! x

  4. Hi, was wondering if I am able to make a phone order, I really want to purchase the Jordan Askill single heart ring (in rose gold) and the Mania Mania triple ring :)

  5. - Shade is clearly pink!

    Su-Shii - Yes you can I think we might have sold out although we will be getting a new delivery this week call the strand 92211788 or paddington 93809828 xx