Monday, May 16, 2011

Play on words. (it involves a prize!)

Everyone has their favourite.
Some have favourites in every possible category. Favourite words for example. We do and we thought it'd be fun to share them with you.
If you want to (and there IS a prize up for grabs) we suggest you make something of them. Take the words below and string them together -be it haiku, prose, short story or otherwise. The one that tickles our fancy  will receive a beautiful Land by Land candle for their efforts.

Elise, Buyer for the corner shop: Grenouille (French for Frog)

Chloe, Buyer for Belinda: Metamorphosis

Danielle, Belinda in-house stylist: Butterfly

Fleur, National Retail Manager: Love

Renata Tuta, Commercial Manager: Epiphany 

Bree, PR & Communications Manager: Dichotomy

Doris, Assistant Buyer: Obelisk

Go ahead. We dare you!


  1. In an enchanted, hidden garden within Cambodia, a tiresome caterpillar sat curled up on a rock in mysterious Ankor Wat, lazing in the summer sun, waiting as if for something to occur. As the sun rose over an eroded rock face highlighting the silhouette of a smiling Buda, it also lit the walls with warm illumination, and it was then that the obelisk came into full light. How proud and tall it stood in the presence of such a humble creature. The caterpillar suddenly knew what it was waiting patiently… silently for… he had an epiphany. He understood then in that second that life itself is made up of two parts, a dichotomy of half love and half sacrifice. And then the meek caterpillar made its metamorphosis, it finally reached enlightenment and exploded into a striking array of colours, a bright aura filled the garden tomb, and the enchanted butterfly flew away.

  2. Sarah Sayers-you are one very clever cat(-ipiller)! Thank you so much for your story, it made me feel as if i were right there in the jungle myself.

  3. Haha no problem.... Nothing like procrastinating from uni work :) X

  4. On the table was Grenouille, Fois Gras, Champagne and Caviar piled high into an obelisk – all the worlds’ fineries lay their before them. The evening was fit for a king and yet it was all hanging in the balance, a perfect dichotomy.

    There was love in the air that much was obvious. Yet somehow the mood was fragile, as if at any moment it would all end – like a butterfly inevitably would. Thinking about it, the entire situation was reminiscent of a butterfly, from the beginning of life right through to caterpillars epiphany where by begins the metamorphosis…

  5. Sarah Sayers, you take the cake. You win! Yay! Thank you SO very much for sending through your play on words. We'd like to send you through your prize. Please be in contact with your postal address. Many thank yous. xx