Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our very first (& very good) play on words.

To all our lovely readers, please enjoy this beautiful story that was sent through as part of our 'Play on words' post! I look forward to hearing what some more of you come up with!

In an enchanted, hidden garden within Cambodia, a tiresome caterpillar sat curled up on a rock in mysterious Ankor Wat, lazing in the summer sun, waiting as if for something to occur. As the sun rose over an eroded rock face highlighting the silhouette of a smiling Budda, it also lit the walls with warm illumination, and it was then that the obelisk came into full light. How proud and tall it stood in the presence of such a humble creature. The caterpillar suddenly knew what it was waiting patiently... silently for... he had an epiphany. He understood then in that second that life itself is made up of two parts, a dichotomy of half love and half sacrifice. And then the meek caterpillar made its metamorphosis, it finally reached enlightenment and exploded into a striking array of colours, a bright aura filled the garden tomb, and the enchanted butterfly flew away.

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  1. Here is our anonymous entry 2.
    On the table was Grenouille, Foie Gras, Champagne and Caviar piled high into an obelisk – all the worlds’ fineries lay their before them. The evening was fit for a king and yet it was all hanging in the balance, a perfect dichotomy.

    There was love in the air that much was obvious. Yet somehow the mood was fragile, as if at any moment it would all end – like a butterfly inevitably would. Thinking about it, the entire situation was reminiscent of a butterfly, from the beginning of life right through to caterpillars epiphany where by begins the metamorphosis...