Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life in Film - Part 1

One of my favourite artists is British film-maker Tacita Dean. I love her atmospheric quality and her absolute conviction for using analogue film primarily 16MM. Recently, Soho Film Laboratory in London a professional lab will stop printing 16MM. She writes for The Guardian, "My relationship to film begins at that moment of shooting, and ends in the moment of projection. Along the way, there are several stages of magical transformation that imbue the work with varying layers of intensity. This is why the film image is different from the digital image: it is not only emulsion versus pixels, or light versus electronics but something deeper – something to do with poetry."

As part of the Fashion Week, I recorded some imagery via 35mm film. It isn't a sense of nostalgia but indeed this way of film chemistry allows the photographs to have a fragile even elegiac quality. Fashion can be both strong and fragile at the same time.

Images below can be clicked on and expanded.

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