Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5 - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Christopher Esber Spring 2011

Every single person was highly anticipating the calibre of Christopher Esber's work in motion. His precise, constructive design garnishes the kind of synonymous acclaim often reserved for esteemed names. He opened a fluid draped camisole dress that symmetrically hinged from the back, exposing the back's anatomy and the malleable grammage of his chosen silk fabric. This had also come with a vertiginous graphic strip placket running from the neckline to hemline. The purest of line and silhouette was deduced in a noir halter and powder white palazzo. The exterior of his architecture (the clothes) diverged into two aspects: the openness and lightness so expressively encountered in Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima's work and light's ability in transformation. For the 'beams' in the camisole that support the structure of the garment, it allows an elongation of a tuxedo-flap lapel cocooning the bodice. The 'cladding' in the frisson meshing of a black zipped jacket and in a rose pink short-sleeved blouse and skirt combinasion - the contortion of an assymetric pleated skirt in ash silver, Esber not only devised a constantly shifting facade, the fabric in itself was chromatic. Here lies a collection that proposed the outer layer in such archetypes of the a-line skirt, sleeveless jacket worn as a dress as the body's second skin.

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