Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 4 - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

The time will come when all of Australia's fashion flock will return home. Until that time, Martin Grant has lived in Paris since the 1990's, Richard Nicoll designs from his London based studio, Michelle Jank traverse's the globe but Australian designer Josh Goot, who spent the later part of his recent career showcasing collections in London, he has chosen to remain in Sydney for the forseeable future. If he wants the embodiment of a truly Australian collection, he must live and breathe Australian culture. But just what is Australian culture? Relaxed and nonchalant? The total subjugation of beach life? In Josh Goot's case, he loves Australian women but not for their inherent physical beauty exclusively but the nascent uncoverings that lead to sides of intelligence, wit, charm, curiosity and dexterity.

Josh Goot's moulded ankle strap heel shoe. He has striven to continuously blend modern industrial methods with the 'protective shell' of the feet like for Spring 2010 with Sydney based company Box and Dice

The long-awaited anticipation of the Spring 2011 collection by Goot was stationed at the Ford Building in Sydney's Wooloomooloo. The on-flickering of the above roof top white fluorescent tubes ashone onto a white puzzled plane figure. His calibre of transmogrifying digital prints, not to mention his astute attention to shoe-making was self-evident but impressively anchored in the folding of fabric to assimilate dynamic and an organic approach to dress-making. The first garment was a one-shoulder wrapped dress in fine china white but its dimensions carefully rendered affixed pluckering of fabric. Then the nipped pleating of a waist-skirt in ice-grey and the mutation of intoxicating smeared and disorder prints on a sleeveless panel dress. In this enriching fusion of embalming colour as a way to metamorphose the weightless spirit of an Australian woman, quintessentially unlike any other show during this Fashion Week showcase. Josh Gooy strikes the balance between visual artistry and humility.

At TAFE Show:

Susie Bubble's bubble stockings!

Ellery Spring 2011

Housed at the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney's Chippendale, Kym Ellery's glam-rock stature was elusive but managed to still propose icey and palatable in billowing trouser shapes, unstructured jackets, and a leather mustard bucket dress with the criss-crossing of a laced sun-yellow shoulder dress. One car coat was fabricated with a smoke wave motif.

A pensive Australian Vogue team

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