Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3- Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

By chance, have you ever read a book entitled, "The Mystery of the White Gold"? It tells the story of past century nobility incarcerating alchemists that could bring them gold comprato in an instance. Of course, this impossibility of alchemy was inevitably futile. But you know what? Somehow, somewhere, Australian designer Gary Bigeni has conjured a special laboratory in his own studio. Hatched by him in which he has quintessentially concocted a potion giving him the elixir of life. Oh, voilà! I wonder, it is as a result of his slender boyish appearance and not to mention he has thrown himself into the colour of noir.

When great American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the short story 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button', it had enveloped an ill-relationship between the character of Benjamin and his son Roscoe and subsquently his transformation from adolescent child to a les enfants. Perhaps this is the kind of energy Gary wanted to procure, to channel negative energy into a postive one into his Spring 2011 collection entitled, "Distance". Directly after the show presentation, Gary conversed, "I wanted this collection to be more mature and a little sexier. I wanted to ultise new and different fabrics such as silk twill, silk satin and of course silk crepe. I also used more leather to give the entire collection a more constructed feeling". A unifying nexus between negative and postive energy, was transformed into the 'dripping' notion whereby the undulating draping of his singular camisole and maxi silk satin and crepe pieces in crimson red and aqua blue stemmed parabolic contour lines from the elegant shoulder back to the underlying hemline.

He sculpted masterfully an indelible human mark in the essence of body draping and incorporating the touch of senstivity of living fabric. That is an emphasis in using leather in a round-neck short-sleeved piece and a cropped ox-brown zipped jacket. To jazz up the "sexiness" of his new women's pret-a-porter, he varigated traditional breton stripes with flowing cool shades of blue and white. Moreover, is the slouched combinations in a shortened heather grey cardigan over a silk twill top and leather shorts.

"My main aim was to go do it and progress it" was the coda of the brief backstage interview. His colour palette conjured an opulent fluidity that gestured nuances of movement and structure but never in vulgarity. Gary Bigeni is a fabric alchemist.

Gary Bigeni Spring 2011

Alice McCall Spring 2011

In the night show of Alice McCall's, the ingénue beauty of an inversed world with a melange of arresting high tea, toppled with Victorian dance. In flounced dress shapes that she impreganted with digital floral pictorial prints, elongated sleeved crepe de chines with textural lace. Prominently what stood out was the vertical overgrowth garden that bewitched us into thinking those stacked lace shoes were reminiscent of the 18th century English nursery rhyme 'There was an Old woman who lived in a shoe'. The fern motifs that outgrew on silk sleeves were graphically hypnotic as the ouerve of Alice's métier.

Photographer Candice Lake

- Candice Lake is Woman About Town. She is one of those rare Australian beauties who has such an infectious smile. She previously was a model in New York and Paris but embarked on a Fine Arts degree leading her to conceptualise digital media and video production. Her mille-feuille wide brimmed hat retains an essence of her young, sun-drenched home.

Elise Pioch of Belinda

- Jean Touitou of French women's and men's prêt-à-porter label A.P.C. used to detest and say why couldn't a dining conversation be easily mixed with politics, contemporary culture and art in-between. When you share in Elise's company, you feel you can speak with her infinitely or in her words possibly sans frontiers. Did you know she studied ancient and modern French literature and worked at Hermès at the time monsieur Martin Margiela was there? I've incredibly enjoyed her hospitality and her courage of irrefutable intelligence. Elise is wearing an oversized camel sweater by Isabel Marant.

Fashion Editor of Australian Vogue Meg Gray

Meg Gray's dress compositions are as colourful as they are carefully chosen. It represents her oeuvre which under her fashion directorship has made Vogue Australia a great institution. Don't let her idiosyncratic style intimidate you, she always shares warm greetings.

Accessorising parfait.

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