Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 2 - Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Amber & Thomas Spring 2011

Too often fashion brands forget what is most painstakingly paramount is not just the clothing production but its visual and graphic communication. The art-direction and the typography that actively commandeers a brand uniqueness and a retainment of an independent voice. Not that Amber Hourigan, one half of Amber & Thomas needn't be so concerned about. Her dexterous partner Thomas Williams produces a prominent graphic design publication Process Journal known widely by the design cognoscenti whose own input in combination with Amber's seasonal direction is entirely focused.

Amber on vacation had stayed at the Tuscan hotel Il Pellicano. This secluded resort has previously welcomed estemeed Italian designers consisting of 18 rooms and 9 adjacent cottages. The collection evoked one that was suitably sun-drenched and with intimable pop-colour. A sun-orange tabbed cuff blouse was with matching bikini, a shirt-dress in a linen fabric canvas and 1960's geometric graphic. A pair of baby blue drawstring palazzos was a punctuating shot of invigorating coolness. As straight-foward as a sleeveless sun-orange top over a white silk crepe dress unified as an ensemble, it was an inviting and impactful textures that were sensual sans frontiers. The front knotting of some half-sleeved and sleeveless pieces was playfully structural so as to the opulence of a white frill-bodiced pant suit.

Backstage post-show - Thomas Williams and Amber Hourigan of Amber & Thomas

As Amber & Thomas' first runway presentation, they embarked on a visually consistent collection marked by something even more beautiful. The nexus of two creative spirits which bind together in instrutable ways where the cross-pollination of ideas inculminates the rich pickings of texture, fabric and modernity. Fabric in Amber & Thomas' case was sumptuous in buttery suede. As Japanese author Jun'ichirō Tanizaki says, "Find beauty not only in the thing itself but the pattern of the shadows, the light and the dark which that thing provides".

Marnie Skillings show was a polychromatic melange of textures and exotic prints, infused with a bohemian zeitgeist that travelled across British colonies. The collection incorporated a girl that was dichotmous in nature, retaining her ladylike yet anarchic personality. She is defiant in her mood whereby deep throbbing soundtracks by renown black American music artists such as Public Enemy, LL Cool J, groups such as Salt n Pepper transmogrified with 'loud' prints in sheer tones. The dip-dying of a multi-tiered ruffle skirt, the floaty floral camisole dress, the patchwork of pictorial flora digital printed and wide floppy hats may convey her day and night are young and could take you back to Phoenix, Arizona because it's 1984.

Marnie Skillings Spring 2011

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