Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christopher Raeburn for the rain.

It's been showery the last couple of days and we can't stop thinking about Christopher Raeburn's designs - the perfect wet weather companion.

A graduate from London's prestigious Royal College of the Arts, Christopher is fast becoming known for his pioneering work toward the future of ethical design in the industry.

Here's a piece about the designer from Amelia's Magazine earlier this year.
The military inherently overproduces so there are huge volumes of fabric and garments that will never be used – dead stock that Christopher is happy to make the most of. In fact most production processes are inefficient so there is always likely to be pre-consumer waste; for example, 10% of the parachute fabric that is made fails opacity tests. Christopher is able to give that fabric a new lease of life. Most recently he worked with windproof cotton from some forty year old Swedish snow parkas. Occasionally a company will contact him about a specific material they think he might like to use, which has been a great way to keep his collections fresh and innovative…

He also recently worked with illustrator Lesley Barnes and her imagery is so much fun. Almost as much fun as wearing an ethically sound, perfectly cut Christopher Raeburn parker in the rain.

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