Thursday, April 1, 2010

Karla Spetic and Caitlin Shearer

Last Thursday at the corner shop in The Strand Arcade we celebrated the launch of the new Karla Spetic collection and her collaboration with artist Caitlin Shearer whose prints perfectly complemented the colourful and feminine winter range.
There were so many amazing outfits on display, the cutest mini gelato cones and a lovely collection of Caitlin's artworks placed around the shop.

Elise, Alice and Karla Spetic.

Mini gelato!

Artist Caitlin Shearer with one of her paintings.

Louise and Anouk

The corner shop team


  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you could tell us who took the photographs and where we can find more from the night?
    Thanks xx

  2. Esteban La Tessa
    P H O T O G R A P H E R
    m: +61 406 510 364