Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of our favourite times of year, whether it's love hearts and roses or the possibility of a gift from a secret admirer; we find ourselves always looking for new places to go and new things to do.
We decided to compile a list of our favourite bars in Sydney where you can go for cocktails and dessert, the perfect date with either a love interest or a group of friends.

Pocket - 13 Burton st, Darlinghurst

This cute artsy bar is known for its selection of sweet and savoury crepes with a variety of delicious fillings, strawberries and nutella is a favourite. We also love the raspberry mojito.

The Victoria Room - 235 Victoria St, Darlinghurst

An elegant and baroque style bar that offers a supper club menu from 11pm including our favourite chocolate fondue. Sit down dinner is also available if you have a reservation, or have a cocktail at the bar and sit at one of the velvet lounges. The Victoria Room has an extensive cocktail menu as well, the rose petal martini and the espresso martini are among a few.

Tokonoma - 490 Crown St, Surry Hills

The funky new bar from Toko offers a variety of Japanese bar snacks and traditional shochu (brewed in-house). The deliciously sweet fuwa fuwa martini is a treat and it is even topped with fairy floss!

The Loft - 3 Lime St, Darling Harbour

The lavender cocktail is the star attraction at this bar, with a soft, beautifully lit interior and a balcony that overlooks darling harbour.

Lotus Bar - 22 Challis Ave, Potts Point

This intimate and stylish bar is filled with classic touches, from the wallpaper to the chandeliers. Located at the back of the Lotus restaurant, this bar is perfect for when you want to escape to a private corner for some classic cocktails.

Happy Valentines Day! Here are a few snaps from our Strand Arcade store.

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